Opportunity, capability, capacity, reach and risk.

Need help reaching a market you want to address? Need to augment some of your design and development skills? Need expertise to develop the profile of a market you want to enter?

Businesses will succeed when they can bring  these factors together in harmony.  Icelight Solutions not only understands this but knows how to make it happen.   With broad experience covering all facets of new opportunity capture, we provide a spectrum of management and engineering services to optimize your returns and minimize your risks.  Our services strengthen, extend and compliment your strengths.

Located in the historic capital of Canada’s British Columbia, Icelight’s heritage in technology introduction to new markets is reflected  by the diverse industries and cultures that surround us.  The rugged unspoiled environment that provides us with our natural resource industries, also attracts the high technology and entertainment industries. Our principals represent entries into billion dollar markets where our distinct contributions honed our expertise beyond the academics of business and engineering schools into sharp insightful business development and market analysis skill sets.